Boost can help you with every aspect of web design and development, from completely custom sites to customized WordPress or Squarespace sites to simple hand holding facilitation and training for an out-of-the-box WordPress template site. From the most complex to the simplest sites, Boost designs and develops with usability best practices, accessibility standards, fundamentals of SEO, your business and most importantly, your end user in mind.

No website is complete without considering;

    Editability (Content Management)
    Trackability (Analytics)
          which all feed into
    Searchability (SEO)

      and the success of your online presence hub – your website.

We also help our clients navigate the sometimes confusing world of domain registration and hosting. We train clients wherever needed, in every aspect of their new or improved hub from content management to blogging, related Social Media, eMarketing newsletters, photo preparation and SEO – putting the client comfortably in the driver’s seat, confidently in control of their online business hub and well prepared to boost their online presence and performance.

“Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works…”
~ Steve Jobs

The most important marketing tool you’ll ever produce:

Your web site is not just a quick pitch, it is your image, your calling card, 24/7 sales force, a source of information about everything and every value you offer in one comprehensive, globally accessible source to inspire A.I.D.A (Attract – Interest – Desire – Action). Anything less is not just a waste of your time and money …it is a very real enemy to your business objectives.

Perception is reality – that applies most to your Web site.

Most businesses turn to the internet as a first-step in raising awareness and as a primary means of communication for so many good reasons – there are no limits. Boost places special emphasis on professional custom web design services. However, we don’t start designing, or making any recommendations before working with you to define your goals and objectives – my job is to help you fulfill them.

With many choices and just seconds to make an impression…

“Google Search : 42,500,000 results for Boost (0.09 seconds)”

…your message must be clear and compelling!
Give your online presence a Boost.