Invest time, not just dollars, in your web presence…

…it is not just a pretty

Other than look good, what should a website do for you?

    • Generate leads
    • Persuade to conversion
    • Drive traffic to your store or service
    • Educate
    • Build loyalty
    • Encourage return visits
    • Relieve pre or post sales support
    • Reduce repetitive calls and emails
    • Provide you with valuable market research


  • Be the hub of your business

Far short of a redesign there are many low or no cost things you can do to improve the impact, usability and search engine results page (SERP) rank of your site.

If you (re)build it… (make sure it is ready before) …they will come. Increasing traffic to a site that repels or confuses users is a waste of your time and budget.

Here are a few tips and some no cost, or low cost considerations to whip your business hub into shape and get it truly working for you:

For Them Not For You:
SEO - Search Engine Optimizationn:
Call to action:
Email Newsletter:

Why use an email marketing service?:

Boring, maybe, but usable:
Clear, succinct, relevant Home page:
Clear, consistent, navigation:
Optimize pages:
Test that your site views properly:
Take control of your site:
Eliminate any Black Hat practices:
If it sounds too good to be true it quite likely is:
Adding a new feature:
Test, test, test and then, test:
Social Media:

and underlying it all…

Reliable Hosting:
False economy:
Many sole proprietors and small businesses (even some larger companies) do not take time to implement these and other basic Best Practice Tips that can make all the difference to the exposure, appeal and usability of a site.

Many SMBs have websites built like a paper brochure just sitting online to send people to. Many even feel it is worth the money saved to write all copy in-house without optimizing, or taking time to understand and write for their customers, cutting the “unnecessary” cost of professional copywriting, editing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is not just about keywords but attention to accessibility, readability, good usability and several other factors that make your site more easily found, crawlable and ‘sticky’.

These outdated, static, rarely updated sites are given little or no attention by search engines, have low traffic levels, do not encourage return visits, and do not enable or track activity – particularly the critical activity of conversion.

Of course we take all of these things into consideration, and do all of this for you when you bring your project to Boost. We are high on understanding our clients’ needs and budget and low on technobabble Call Boost to discuss making the most of your current site, easing into Social Media, starting a brand new project or just to book an hour or two of consultation to better understand your options and help you strategize a realistic approach to making the most of your online presence within your time and budget constraints.