How May We Help You Grow Your Online Presence?

    Creating a new web presence from scratch or making more of your current online business hub?
    There is no big green button, it all takes time and energy. Let us help you work smarter, not harder with your precious time and budget on all your online communication efforts.
    A couple of hours with someone you can trust to take a fresh objective look at where you are and where you are going can make all the difference to your business. Someone to help you understand options for your web presence or integrating a new tool. Making informed plans that best fit your time and budget constraints. Build your knowledge and raise your comfort level making your next-step decisions. Consulting to demystify the web and reduce the ‘whelm’ of your online marketing mix.
    Looking for someone to help you get started or improve what you already have? Here is help to learn or to have it done for you: set up a profile, create templates, clarify the how and why, optimize, simplify the process, or simply to take all or part of the process off your hands and just get it done.
    Finally starting that blog? Looking for a partner to help you get consistent with it or just feel more confident posting and knowing you are making the most of your time to create fresh content searchable for your existing blog?
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and competitive research -Increase the ranking and reach of your current web presence. With even a little attention to competitive research, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), eMarketing, Social Media, analytics, web design or other tools to amplify your online presence, you will improve web site accessibility, usability, stickyness, and attraction and draw more targeted prospects to your Small Business website.
    Bring your web presence up to date – secure, performing well on all devices, and ranking on mobile devices. From simple to complex we can improve or customizing your responsive site to make it even more mobile friendly?
    Technical report, actionable competitive research and clear reporting takeaways – verifying what is working well and providing actionable insights to improve what is not.
    Improve your website, usability, search-ability (SEO), conversion and indexing – identifying and correcting errors and refining performance and usability. 90% of prospects check your web presence out before they check you out. This audit will strategically help your best clients find you more easily in the first place and technically assure your site is performing optimally so you are putting your best foot forward when they do.
    Grow your gold! Capture warm leads. Communicate and stay top-of-mind with prospects and clients with a branded newsletter.
    Breathing new life and better performance into your current site with a site redesign?
    Need help promoting an event or implementing a new feature on your site; interactive calendar,  members only section, registration and ticket sales, ecommerce, portfolio, gallery, pop-up call to action, rich pins, slider, property search, directory, custom forms, an interactive map…?

Large or small,  DIY or DIFY,  Boost can help.

testimonial dotted line

“Susan has done the ‘techy’ things to launch two of my websites. She came to my office and trained me on how to make changes, add plugins to my site and do backups of it — wonderful! She’s become my “go to girl” for everything related to a website and nowadays everything technical, too! Thanks Susan.”
Victor Lind, Lind Urban Land Management

“I highly recommend Boost Business for their professionalism, wonderful creativity, reasonable pricing and great customer service. From the beginning to the end of our design project, the communication was open and dynamic and we were extremely happy with the final product.”
Heather Chetwynd,

“You gave us advice, told us what wasn’t working and why, we worked together but you also did the work when we needed.  I felt listened to and also professionally advised.  I feel we are working towards something great – that you are committed and interested in achieving great results.
James Pitropov,

“I did an internet search and your firm was what I was looking for but didn’t know I was looking for it.  The fact that you help small business and entrepreneurs – that you are experienced and really took the time to speak to us and understand our business impressed us.  The fact that you specialized in exactly what we needed -that you were an expert but you wanted to teach us and to help us do a lot of it on our own was great.”
Susan Morgan, Lakeside Architecture

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